Darryl Purpose

Sunday Songs

Singer songwriter Darryl Purpose is sharing a video song each week on FaceBook: it’s called “A SUNDAY SONG” here are the links:

#1 Rainbow Connection with The Super Saturated Sugar Strings
#4 Right Side Of Zero with Brenda Peltier
#5 Next Time Around with Maggie, Cate, Emmie, and Genevieve
#6 Baltimore with Paul Zollo
#7 Child of Hearts/King of Hearts with Beth McCumber Wilberger
#9 Falling Slowly Written by Glen Hansard and ; Performed with Megan Riordan.
#10 I Lost a Day to the Rain with the Mercadante and van Nort family,and Sarah from Austin
Karolina on camera, a song co-written with Ellis Paul.
#11 Holy Now written by Peter Mayer;  sung with Emma Sloniker, Colleen Crosson & Laura Oden.
#12 We Become The Stories That We Tell, written by me and Robert Morgan Fisher, Performed with the Sam Pacetti in the home of Little Tree Acoustics (Joe Werne)
#13 Hours In A Day, co-written with Paul Zollo, from the ‘Still The Birds’ album.
#14 Bryant Street, co-written with Ellis Paul, performed here with Radoslav Lorković.
#15 I Lost A Day To The Rain with Ellis Paul, Laurie MacAllister & Radoslav Lorković in Homer Alaska. Co-written with Ellis Paul.
#16 The Ghost of Crazy Horse with Radoslav Lorković, co-written with Paul Zollo, at the home of Kalie & Mike in Girdwood Alaska. Karin on the camera.
#17  “Aching To Belong” a newer song, a tribute to my sister Deanna – Charlie. Karolina on camera, sung in Theresa’s old living room.
#18  “Dakota’s Ukulele”, Performed with my young pal, Dakota. Co-written with Paul Zollo, our first in a few years. Melody Fairchild on camera, and along with Glen Delman, other important roles in the making of this song and video.
#19 “Girl In The War” Written by Josh Ritter, Debra on Camera
#20 “Shiloh” co-written with Paul Zollo
#21 “Girl From Golden” by Dave Carter
#22 “Singer/Songwriter Heaven” written by Kevin Faherty, performed by Darryl and Kevin and Patrick DeSimio-Sophiliazo. Camera and set design by Debra Szecsei.
#23 ‘The Nearness Of You (Red Garland)’ Coming to you from an undisclosed location. Co-written with Paul Zollo.
#24 “A Place Where Everyone Sings” written by Mark Josephs. I love this song. ~dp
#25 ‘The Only Living Boy in New York’ Live from New York City. A Paul Simon song —never played all the way through, before—and played it LIVE on Facebook!