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What folks are saying about “Next Time Around:

“Purpose ends a seven years silence with a stunning ten-song comeback.” 
-Arthur Wood, Maverick Magazine,  April 2013

“It’s been a long time since I put a new record in my CD player and listened repeatedly for days.”
-Robin Pressman, ‘Our Roots Are Showing’  KRCBfm

“‘Next Time Around’ is the gold standard of modern American folk”
-Nancy Dunham, Folking.Com

“Once in a great while an artists work shows up in my life and stands me on my ear. Darryl’s singing and writing have unmistakably advanced to another level.”
-Louise Taylor, Recording Artist

“One of the best CDs of 2012″
– John Sirkis, Indie Acoustic Project



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Darryl on Porch

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About Darryl Purpose

“Purpose has the voice of James Taylor, the brains of Bob Dylan, and the soul of Willie Nelson.”
-Attache, US Airlines in-flight magazine

“A physically imposing man, hat firmly on head and dressed in black, he bordered on the menacing, until he opened his mouth. Then his natural warmth and charm blazed through.”
-Michael Mee, Southern Reporter

“America’s most original narrative songwriter since Harry Chapin”
-Q Magazine

“Darryl Purpose’s music hits all the vital areas: the heart, the mind and the gut… Purpose delivers these tales in language that is precise and unflinching, with a voice that rings true from experience. These songs never let go.”
– New Orleans Gambit Weekly

“Purpose takes the almost indescribably intense moments of life and brings them a step closer to comprehension… I quite literally found myself reaching for something to hold onto. “Ring on My Hand” could be “the” next wedding song of the next thousand years or so.”
— Mike Devlin, Music Matters Review

“A Crooked Line reveals Darryl Purpose as one of the truly under-recognized singer-songwriters on the contemporary scene”.
–Rich Warren, Sing Out!

“…beautifully crafted literature set to wonderful melodies and presented with an uncommon mix of delicacy and grit. There isn’t a filler song on this album.”
— Dale Barcellos, Bluegrass by the Bay

“Darryl’s fine guitar work is evident throughout, especially on the instrumental, ‘Rootwing,’ which opens and closes the album. Combine that with his hypnotic voice and heartfelt words and ‘Right Side of Zero’ comes close to a perfect ten.”
— The Performing Songwriter

“A breath of fresh air in an overcrowded market”
— Dirty Linen

“Much has been written about Purpose’s transition from notorious blackjack player to itinerant folk singer.  But what’s more important about Purpose’s art is his rare dedication to storytelling in song. His new CD, “A Crooked Line,” is his most narrative yet, and with Ellis Paul, Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer among the guests, it might be his most attractive.”
— Daniel Gewertz, Boston Herald

“Darryl Purpose’s music hits all the vital areas:  the heart, the mind and the gut.  “Traveler’s Code” is a collection of road stories told from the inside out, peopled with characters that live and bleed, undertaking journeys both interior and exterior.  Purpose delivers these tales in language that is precise and unflinching, with a voice that rings true from experience.  These songs never let go.”
— New Orleans Gambit Weekly

 “Showing the storytelling influence of Harry Chapin with a bit of Bob Dylan thrown in, Purpose’s third CD, Travelers’ Code, revels in emotional nakedness, smoothly weaving images of love, fear, loneliness and regrets through its 11 tracks.”
— Julie Bowerman, rambles.net

“Potent and soulful words wrapped around beautifully strummed out rhythms serves notice that the musicianship as well as the in depth writing on this recording can be powerful and riveting in equal measure.  It’s destined to be a Folk classic.”
— MuzikMan.com

“Purpose is the kind of musician we all aspired to be at one time.  He can pick up his acoustic in just about any setting and sound REALLY good.  The songwriting is clever and the musicianship a 10+.”

 “There is a quality to his music that touches the heart and the spirit of the listener, an authenticity of emotion is palpable.”
— Lucky Clark, Central Maine Newspapers

Darryl Purpose once made his living as a professional gambler, and, like all gamblers, he knows how to tell a good tale.  That, plus his sharp eye for detail, his instinctive feel for hard-living, unsentimentalized characters, and his battle-hardened, but ultimately optimistic view of the world makes “A Crooked Line”  one of the best recent collections of contemporary story songs.”
–Dirty Linen