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Newsletter: June 2012

Newsletter: June 2012


Upcoming Events

Boulder – Fiske Planetarium
This is a concert to benefit the Carousel of Happiness, in a beautiful place, for a beautiful cause.

June 24, 2012 7:00 pm

Pasadena – Neighborhood Church
Neighborhood Church, Pasadena, CA
July15, 2012

Portland – Alberta Rose Theater
The Alberta Rose Theater in Portland OR
July 22, 2012 8:00 pm


Complete Event Listing

Durrango, CO – 6/13
Telluride, CO – 6/14

KRFC, CO – 6/17 at 12pm Mountain
Boulder, CO – 6/24
KRCB, CA – 7/7 at 1pm Pacific
Sebastopol, CA – 7/7
KPIG, CA – 7/8 at 10am Pacific
Monterey, CA – 7/12
Morro Bay, CA – 7/13
Thousand Oaks, CA – 7/14
Pasadena, CA – 7/15
Portland, OR – 7/22
Brockton, MA – 8/11
Cambridge, MA – 8/12
Brooklyn, NY – 8/13
Rockville, MD – 8/14
Fort Collins, CO – 11/3
Amarillo, TX – 11/30
Wylie, TX – 12/1


hello friends and fans, hope you enjoy the new mailchimp newsletter format. please read, pass on, and stay in touch. 🙂 ~Darryl

Blue Rock

I just finished a magical week of tracking at Blue Rock Studios in Wimberly TX. I am humbled, inspired and motivated by the high-level heartfelt music making here. Billy Crockett is at the helm brewing up an inspiring musical gumbo featuring ingredients from Daran DeShazo on guitar, Dony Wynn on drums, and Glenn Fukunaga on bass. Tentatively titled “Next Time Around” after a song I wrote with Kevin Faherty and Donna DeStefano inspired by the Carousel of Happiness. More soon!

The band and the view from Blue Rock

Campfire Magic

A little story of Kerrville Folk Festival campfire magic. -Tracy Grammer has generously given us an unrecorded Dave Carter song for the new CD. (yeah – I am a lucky guy) Last weekend, learning it with a small circle of friends around KFF, Gary said, I’ve heard that song, Dave & Tracy sang it at my house, I recorded it, and here it is on my iPod, would you like to listen?? (!!) Well, yes I would very much like to listen. And there was Dave with a 10 minute intro about Al Greirson, for whom the song was written. While we discussed what Dave meant in the lyric and wished Dave were there to ask, who walks out of the dark and into our small circle but Andrew Calhoun, the one guy (other than Tracy) we would want to ask. Dave still seems to connect us through the music. 



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